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Agricultural and medicinal use of electro-activated solutions

A number of agricultural activities require disinfection of premises, processes or sterilisation of the drinking water used. A Russian company has developed and owns a number of new technologies on electro-activated solutions that can be used for disinfection purposes anywhere there is usage of water, as in the agricultural or medical industries.
Agricultural and medicinal use of electro-activated solutions
The Russian company Ajbolit has long been successfully applying a number of new technologies based on electro-activated aqueous solutions in various branches of agricultural activities.

Electro-activated solutions have a number of physical and chemical properties that can effectively be used for the disinfection of seeds prior to sowing. The treatment of the seeds, grain, or any other culture, apart from undergoing disinfection, also results in the improvement of the seed's sowing qualities such as, energy of germination or resilience to draught conditions. The consequent estimated increase of productivity is about 10 to 15 per cent. Moreover, the cost of these electro-activated solutions is much less than the anolyte solutions being used until now.

The solutions are also capable of disinfecting fodder grains since they have the ability to actually neutralize cryptogamic fungi like mushrooms. After the removal of toxic substances, washing the grain with water will remove any remaining contaminants.

Disinfection of cattle breeding premises, even with the animals present, is possible and results in a substantial economic benefit since the proposed solutions are an order of magnitude cheaper than other modern chemicals used. The presence of the animals in the barns, while the process of disinfection is taking place, is possible since the electro-activated solutions are not specific disinfectants and the acclimatization of the microorganisms is, therefore, not observed.

The utility of the solutions is not limited to the above applications. Disinfection of process equipment in the processing manufacture, decontamination of bottled water or addition of electro-activated water in sewage for removal of germs and facilitation of bio-scrubbing, are just few of the applications these solutions may be used for.

The Russian company, Ajbolit is seeking partners for further research on the physicochemical properties of these solutions. In addition, cooperation is sought with agrochemical companies that wish to purchase technologies and instruments, in order to benefit from the economic advantages such an investment will produce.
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