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An easy and cost-effective method for sterilising water

Water is closely related to health in many ways. Addressing the increasing need for safe water, it is important to protect both people and the environment. An Italian company designed a cost efficient, highly modular Chlorine gas generator for water and wastewater treatment that exhibits unique features.
An easy and cost-effective method for sterilising water
There is no question that the need for safe water has become increasingly important. Conventional methods use chlorine sources for actual water disinfection and sterilisation. However, the quality of the drinkable water provided is always in doubt. In addition, current approaches for addressing the hygiene problems associated with wastewater are so far expensive, time consuming and highly complicated.

Focusing on overcoming these problems, an Italian company developed a Chlorine Gas Generator for treating influent and effluent water. Using a novel technology that does not require any water and salt purification processes, the Chlorine gas is derived from the simple technique of electrolysis of sodium chloride solution in water.

The generator is a small dimensional and modular system that can be easily designed with minimum production costs. Apart from the periodic cleaning of scale deposits, no other maintenance procedure is needed. With an extremely low energy consumption and an increased production efficiency of almost 90%, the system can be the ideal solution for medium and small scale water treatment plants.

The generator has the potential to output Chlorine gas on-site, in a very fast way at the requested amount. The possibility of remotely controlling the system makes its operation totally safe without any associated health hazards for its users. With its proven performance and value and all the unique features it shows, the device is easy to distribute and use for removing, inactivating and destroying of nearly all-waterborne pathogens in order to improve water potability and hygiene promotion.
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