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Innovative air purification system

An Italian SME has developed a novel air and fume purification system, which is the only one available in the market capable of removing breathable dusts and fogs. Such polluting particles are almost always lethal for man and animals. The operation of the system is based on intercompressed washing by means of a watery liquid. There is a vast number of possible applications, ranging from exhaust heads for engines to air-conditioning of aeroplanes and submarines.
Innovative air purification system
In order to purify air streams the system developed and named “SPALIC”, takes the fumes through a thermodynamic cycle consisting of three different phases. At first, spray washing causes the removal of coarse particles. Secondly centrifugal compression while heating the air leaves the incompressible and heavy polluting particles at the same temperature. Finally washing under pressure cools and dehumidifies the air, forcing the aqueous vapours to condensate on the polluting particles, even on the very thin ones that may still be dispersed in the air. All particles, now heavy and wet fall into the liquid thus separated from the air stream. For water repellent particles, addition of adhesive oil to the water liquid allows their capture.

The SPALIC system is innovative in many more ways. There are no filters therefore the system is un-cloggable. The system is adjustable and self-washing while its energy consumption is equal or lower compared to ordinary dry filters.

Due to the drastic reduction of contact time washing chambers can be manufactured with substantially reduced volume. Consequently the SPALIC system can also be used for exhaust heads and can be applied to both diesel and gasoline engines for removing particles from the exhaust gases.

The Italian SME that has developed the SPALIC system has applied for patents and has available the results of the demonstration trials. The company is seeking marketing and manufacturing agreement in order to introduce the system to the global market. This air purification system can be applied successfully in any kind of processing that involves dust formation, as a fume trap for restaurants and fast foods and especially for the air-conditioning of confined places like submarines and aeroplanes.
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