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Ignition gets oxygen boost

The automobile industry has come under a lot of attention in recent years, having to meet both environmental, industrial and consumer standards. In the struggle to become more efficient in all these requirements, innovation is about meeting these standards and gaining competitive edge. A German automobile innovation has brought that edge to both fuel efficiency and environmental standards in its combustion system.
Ignition gets oxygen boost
Despite the advent of strict environmental standards, many engines still produce a significant amount of pollutants on startup-even though standard running of these engines is compatible with legislation. This fact is solely because most engines are cold when turned over for the first time and internal combustion ratios are therefore low. Even with the addition of catalysts to improve combustion ratios, poor ignition performance cannot be overcome through cold engines.

By introducing an injection of pure oxygen into the equation however, this German industrial concern has significantly contributed to the improvement of the overall automobile industry. The pure oxygen method results in a 30% increase in power ratios and a 50% increase in torque. Since no catalysts other than oxygen is added, there are no additional impurities at the exhaust outlet systems, resulting in the fact that whilst engines are improved, exhaust emission standards are adequately adhered to.

Whilst the technology is in the intermediate design phase, demonstrations are available and it is currently under patent search.
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