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Adsorptive preservation from light

Ultra violet light, when it comes to textiles, can be ruinous. Not only can UV contribute towards significant colour fading, but also promotes tearing and weakening of the textile, as well as towards deterioration of weather resistance factors such as waterproofing. A synthesis of absorbents now offers both material longevity as well as improved resistance to UV damaging.
Adsorptive preservation from light
In trying to preserve material colouring once it has been dyed, certain complications ensue. For one thing, preservative solutions often affect the quality of the dye, either fading their colour tones, weakening their bonding agents, or weakening the fabric itself. Additionally, different preservatives are required for various textiles such as cotton, viscose, polyamids and polyesters. Another complication is that the textile industry used a wide variety of dyes such as acid dyes and reactive dyes to name but two, which affect both the quantity and quality of adsorbents used.

In dealing with these complications, a Romanian research laboratory has developed a synthesis of adsorbents they claim improves resistance to fabric tears and weakening as well as extending the UV resistance of dyed materials. Unlike other UV adsorbent solutions, this synthesized solution does not interfere with dyeing conditions or quality and can be added to the material either during the dyeing process or afterwards.

Currently, much of the development is still under investigation as laboratory prototypes, but the synthesis is able to impart a 1-2% greater resistance to UV exposure, thereby improving material colouring resistance as well as strengthening the material itself to chafing, tearing and in providing better resistance, provides greater quality materials. The solution's application is being investigated in a variety of areas such as parasols, umbrellas, greenhouse films and summer clothes.
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