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High voltage converter

High voltage converters are the most widely used electronic devices because they offer great energy savings. Conceptualised within the operation requirements for the extreme conditions of a space mission, a set of new high voltage converters with minor power requirements has been developed. Their most prominent features that include increased stability and high precision performance make them suitable for many laboratory applications.
High voltage converter
Simply put, voltage converters produce voltage outputs for many applications. Among them the most popular is the transformer that allows the use of electrical appliances in both US and EC countries by converting the European 220-240V AC to 110-120V AC used in US or vice versa. High voltage converters are widely used in many laboratory applications, such as vacuum gauges, spectrometers, sustaining ion pumps, lamp ignition and piezoelectric devices to name a few. Their wide applications lead to greater needs for low energy consumption.

Developed for the extremely demanding requirements of space applications, a new series of high voltage converters offer numerous advantages. Primarily, their power requirements are extremely low. The excellently performing converters exhibit high precision and stability under varying conditions such as temperature fluctuations, radiation and electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, they feature fast response and low noise in their output signal. Without any additional energy requirements, they allow user selectable output polarity. Completely controllable by an analogue unit, they deliver output voltages that are proportional to input voltages within the range of 100V-10kV.

Designed for environments from laboratory to deep space, these units supply voltages that may be used for airborne to industrial applications. Also available for standard housing requirements, they may be specifically used for high performance instrumentation that requires a compact source of clean, reliable, high voltage.
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