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Towards logical, automated business processes

Rules govern every decision made. Especially for business operations, such as those found in tax, insurance, legal and customer support services, decisions are firmly grounded on multiple sets of complicated conditions. A UK company has developed a simple logic engine tool that is expected to facilitate business operations by offering reliable and efficient automation of their processes.
Towards logical, automated business processes
Common sense dictates many of our everyday life decisions. Similarly, business rules dictate many business decisions. Due to the large diversity of existing rules, proper decision making involves the satisfaction of many complicated criteria whose specification and consideration is a hard and time consuming process. Moreover, omitting certain criteria definitely leads to false results with significant consequences, such as increased costs or customer losses.

An emerging UK company developed a rule based logic engine for facilitating business decisions. The tool allows the user to simply specify and store a set of business rules in the natural English language, which then transforms them into software code and executes them in the most reliable and efficient way.

Input data may be imported from any source and output data may be exported to any destination. Hence, the business rules can be easily maintained and accessed without requiring any procedural code. Isolating the business rules from procedural code is useful when reusing the same rules in different operational environments, such as front and back office, with substantial cost reductions associated with legacy software.

This innovative tool may be used not only to interpret data, but also to translate and audit data and predict trends with increased accuracy and consistency. Its underlying principle is based on detecting relationships between data units and enabling these relationships to change with data values.

From the intelligent filling of administrative forms to the automated contract writing, the rule logic engine may be used in almost any business process. With its wide spread applications in banks, insurances companies, tax, legal and customer support services, this tool is the most prominent example of exploiting information technology for the benefit of business operations.
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