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A breath of fresh air for lakes

Aquatic systems are one of the most important ecological aspects of the biomass that require careful evaluation and monitoring. Runoff water, excessive sedimentation and nutrients, all lead to a degradation of aquatic habitats that result in a decline both of aquatic fauna and flora, as well as a decline in the shore and upland wildlife species dependant on the aquatic system.
A breath of fresh air for lakes
Water aeration plays an important part in helping to preserve ecological balance as well as improve the overall aesthetics of aquatic features. Runoff water from developed areas where the water is not allowed to seep into ground levels may cause excessive filtration of pollutants as well as nutrients that result in too much growth of aquatic plants. The incursion of sediments may result in water turbidity, destroying fish species.

In such cases, where water systems are facing high sedimentation or nutrient threats, water aeration may help reduce the risks considerably and assist in maintaining the ecological balance. Having effective water aerations therefore is an important consideration when undertaking such measures.

A newly developed aeration systems offers all year round functionality thus additionally helping to preserve fish from winterkill. Moreover, it has an attached separator that separates the air/water mixture. This feature is particularly useful for the various thermal levels of lakes requiring different oxygen volumes. The uppermost level of lakes, epilimnion for example, requires large amounts of air, whilst the lower level, the metalimnion requires less. In this manner it ensures maximum effectiveness without disturbing the natural water levels.

Made from synthetic materials, it is easily transported and installed. In other developments, the same company having expertise in two-phase and multipurpose flows, offers similar specialized modules such as horizontal absorption columns used in gas washing. There are demonstrative results available for trials.
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