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Increased protection against impacts

Many people work in high-risk environments, or are involved in high-risk sports where there is a constant danger of injury from violent impacts. These dangers also exist when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Fortunately, an innovative protective technology provides impressive shock absorbing and padding properties that protect the human body from impacts, vibrations, and blasts.
Increased protection against impacts
Many professions as well as leisure activities require the use of protective headgear or clothing. Transportation safety also makes it necessary to use helmets that protect from impacts, or vehicle bumpers that shield both pedestrians and passengers from injury. Within this context, a new technology called SALi (Shock Absorbing Liquid) provides enhanced safety from impacts and blasts and can be utilised in a variety of markets, including clothing, helmets, shin pads, gloves, and car bumpers.

This innovative technology, created by a UK company in collaboration with the University of Manchester, is a novel material that consists of an elastic fluid made up of elastomeric capsules such as polystyrene beads along with a matrix liquid or grease. Once it is packaged, this material exhibits excellent impact absorbing qualities, including improved viscous damping, elasticity, hydraulic load spreading properties where SALi can diffuse impact loads throughout a large section of body tissue, flexibility, fire extinguishing characteristics, and the scattering of shock waves. In fact, the qualities of this novel elastic fluid make SALi an excellent solution for transport safety, blast mitigation, and human body protection.

In addition, SALi is reusable, as it can withstand many impacts, and recyclable. It has also exhibited good blast mitigating characteristics against plastic explosives. In essence, this technology provides great advantages and enhanced efficiencies in terms of protection, and its wide marketability means that it could benefit many industries.
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