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Universal administration systems for universities

Universities heavily rely on a robust and reliable information technology network for their communication activities. Unfortunately, not all academic institutions possess this kind of high-tech and efficient system. In an effort to make such a vital tool available to all universities, a German research group created the first open source support system that facilitates all the administrative, communication and information technology requirements of universities.
Universal administration systems for universities
Universities are dynamic centres of learning where effective communication between faculty, students and staff is directly associated with important achievements and efficient cooperation. In order to make all this possible, it is crucial that a sophisticated support system exists. Taking into account that almost all universities now use the Internet as a means of enhancing teaching and learning activities, the OpenUSS (Open University Support System) provides an ideal portal for students, faculty, and staff to communicate and access information.

The aim of OpenUSS is to create a standard open-source system for all universities where faculty and staff can publish lectures, documents, and exercises while students can easily access all the up-to-date information for their lectures. In essence, OpenUSS functions as a publishing and information centre portal in a user-friendly manner for the entire university. As many universities do not have the know-how or the financial resources to independently create and run such a publishing support system, OpenUSS could prove crucial for the success of many students and faculty.

It is important to note that while the users come from the entire university community, the developers are comprised of programmers that build architecture, APIs, and reference implementation for OpenUSS. Furthermore, there is a real need within universities for a user-friendly and flexible support system that acts as a learning and teaching platform while being component-based. In response, this innovative system is component oriented while utilising the most high-tech software available. Another vital aspect of this system is that it uses available open source software throughout the entire support system.

All these reasons make OpenUSS the perfect system to promote a university environment that relies on high quality learning and teaching.
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