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Helping herpes patients

Many viruses lead to skin problems that cause pain and frustration for the patient. One such virus is the herpes virus, which affects a significant number of people throughout the world and which is also very difficult to treat effectively. Fortunately, a research group developed a topical cream that not only eases the herpes skin symptoms that cause great discomfort, but also quickly heals cutaneous lesions without subsequent scars.
Helping herpes patients
The herpes virus infection often manifests itself with skin problems such as small blisters or sores around the mouth or genital regions. For instance, oral herpes results in cold sores in the area surrounding the mouth or the face. In fact, herpes is an extremely widespread infection that is prone to recurrent episodes of painful and uncomfortable symptoms, as this virus remains within the human body throughout a person's life after initial infection. About 70% of adults are infected with herpes after initial contact with the virus during childhood, while periodic symptoms appear in 50% to 90% of the patients. In essence, herpes symptoms could be present throughout a person's life and, as the infection causes pain and is often relentless and resists treatment.

This new cream has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of herpes cutaneous lesions. It is applied on the skin lesions and relieves pain and irritation while promoting the healing of cutaneous tissue without any resulting scars. It was found in case studies conducted on people with cold sores that after using the cream, pain decreased while healing was quicker.

This innovative cream could help many people who suffer from herpes and be an important new pharmaceutical product.
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