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Health care-the Internet option

Advances in telematics have seen a great many new products introduced to enhance the medical industry services. From databases that standardise medical terminologies, to facilities that provide access to medical care for remote or isolated regions. A new development now brings inexpensive communication pathways that provide an interactivity across a networked platform both for patient record transfer and multimedia content.
Health care-the Internet option
The network, designed to connect advanced medical institutions like specialised hospitals, medical centres, general practitioners and patients alike, offers activities such as the transfer of specialised information on a direct level such as videoconferencing and emails.

Particular benefits for this network system are considerable especially for the medical service as a whole, as one of the advantages gained through the network, is the alleviation of the demand on already strained public medical facilities. Patient's can now gain access to specialised health care without the need to visit hospitals or clinics that may already be swamped with patients.

The information exchange system that this network offers, allows patients to communicate with specialised centres as well as granting all doctors involved with patients the ability to access a patient's specific record over the web through a strict security policy that ensures patient confidentiality. Continual information exchange is also possible, thus allowing both doctors and patients alike to stay concurrent with developments as well as ensuring continual care, treatment and follow ups.

Part of the network is designed to facilitate communication between medical practitioners through email or videoconferencing facilities, as well as providing the means to exchange multimedia content.

Currently, the system has been implemented in four differing medical fields, namely obstetrics, oncology, Lupus Erythrematosis and Chronic Pulmonary disease and is undergoing further refinement for adaptation to other medical arenas.
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