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Superconducting magnetic field transducer

From laboratory equipment to aerospace applications the magnetometer is a key instrument for measuring magnetic fields. Currently, the conventional equipment operates within limited frequency ranges and hence comprises highly specialised products for specific applications. The proposed magnetometer technology incorporates a SFET (superconducting field transistor) in the transducer circuit for improved measurements. With the superconducting magnetic field transducer, the average magnetic field sensitivity is improved for a wide frequency range.
Superconducting magnetic field transducer
Superconductivity is actually the flow of electric current without resistance in certain metals, alloys, and ceramics at temperatures near absolute zero, and in some cases at temperatures hundreds of degrees above absolute zero. Thanks to superconductivity the new induction magnetic field transducers offer many advantages in comparison to conventional ones.

The consumed power is significantly reduced since the cooling requirements are practically very low. Hence, during measurements the sensitivity threshold is decreased and the frequency range is extended. The absence of refrigeration systems offers the possibility of reducing the overall dimensions of the device and using coils of different dimensions. Moreover, the lower demands for cooling purposes render the shielding of coils with cryogenic material unnecessary and this can greatly contribute to an improved resolution and penetration of measurements. Additionally, this also allows a further reduction in the dimensions of coils.

The transducer offers the potential of performing measurements in different working fluids and at large distances from the electronic circuits. In addition, the transducer architecture compensates for temperature drift and assures the improved electromagnetic compatibility of the magnetometer. Featuring all these advantages the new transducer can find applications in many fields including medical imaging, environmental monitoring, health monitoring, aerospace and laboratory measuring equipment.
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