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Sensor technology for torque measurement

Until now, most torque measurements have been hard and expensive to perform. A UK sensor company offers a breakthrough technology for conducting contactless measurements of rotary torque. Using a set of low-cost transducers, it lends itself to many industrial applications, particularly Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM).
Sensor technology for torque measurement
Being the turning or twisting force acting on many mechanical systems, torque has always been an important physical property to be estimated. However, its measurement involves invasive techniques to the mechanical systems to be measured, which can make the reliability of results ambiguous.

Employing sensor technology, this UK company succeeded in developing suitable technology for conducting non-contact torque measurements using surface acoustic waves. This involves a set of inexpensive transducers and devices as well as a patented method for easing torque measurements and obtaining reliable results.

Suitable for many OEM applications, the transducers can be tailored according to specific customer needs. Thereby, they have a full computer control capability through PCs or Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs). Additionally, they can be easily interfaced with Digital Panel Meters (DPMs) for output data presentation.

Apart from the absence of any physical contact with the mechanical system being measured, they present high accuracy and high resolution. Thus, the smallest change in mechanical input produces an accurately detectable change in the output signal. In addition, they use a wide signal bandwidth, which can handle exceptional noise interference, providing reliable results.

Torque readings on mechanical shafts would be instrumental to understanding and solving many problems, such as the causes of drive systems breakdown or overloads. This high quality torque measurement solution is ideal for monitoring or control of drive mechanisms in order to avoid expensive breakdowns.

The offered technology can meet the varying needs of industry in torque measurements, such as condition monitoring or measurement and control of viscosity. From automotive and manufacturing machines, the technology can be used to enhance machine operation and/or performance for increased production and reduced maintenance.
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