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Enhanced client/server applications

Many companies require multi-platform operations and distributed computing that lead to sophisticated client/server architectures that are difficult to assimilate and create applications for. Within this context, the SENA ADE constitutes a new tool for developing client/server business applications that is simple to use and quick to implement.
Enhanced client/server applications
The SENA Application Development Environment (ADE) is object-oriented and facilitates developers to design dependable and robust applications that can easily be extended. SENA ADE is developed in Gupta SQL Windows and consists of a proprietary Development/Maintenance Methodology. SENA ADE comprises parts such as private system tables that store object properties including maximum data length and field size. It also consists of Programmes and Tools for managing the private system tables and libraries with the functionality of all classes needed to develop the form window.

There are many advantages to using SENA ADE, including great ease of use and simplification when developing client/server applications. This environment also isolates the communication specifics of various databases from final deliverables, while enhancing the dependability of developed applications. Maintaining the applications is also simplified since the developer does not need to write new code other than that for application specific features. Finally, SENA ADE makes application extension easier as new functionalities are added to the libraries and then submitted to applications.

SENA ADE constitutes an environment that could benefit developers due to its ease of use, flexibility and enhanced capabilities. Furthermore, this object-oriented environment could make client-server applications that are both sophisticated and reliable.
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