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Improved packaging machinery

A wide variety of industries require packaging machinery in order to prepare products for shipping and marketing. A novel end-of-line automatic packaging machine with an innovative exact case squaring feature has been designed that could significantly benefit manufacturers.
Improved packaging machinery
PacTec, a company from the UK, designed a novel case erector loader sealer automatic packaging machine with a significantly advantageous case squaring feature. This innovative feature allows precise control of the case shape throughout the product loading process. Advantages of this exact case squaring feature include decreasing the cost of raw materials and packaging and reducing wasted packaging space. Manufacturers could meet new EC directives on packaging waste and recycling more easily by adopting this new technology, which also increases production rates.

Currently, packaging systems exhibit several economic, production, and legislative disadvantages that this innovative packaging technology aims at correcting. Conventional systems utilise cases that are bigger than required so as to eliminate case/product misfits resulting from cases not being exactly square. This innovative product will eliminate the waste of packaging space by mechanically stabilising cases on five sides for product receipt. It will also decrease machine down time due to case/product misfits by enabling high-speed trouble-free packaging.

Furthermore, this technology can utilise recycled and thin cardboard, which reduces costs and facilitates manufacturers' to follow EC regulations on recycling. This innovation can also be adopted by manufacturers to automate packaging without an extension to existing facilities. Another advantage consists of the case squaring feature allowing higher operating speeds than other systems, which rely on low speeds for trouble-free packaging. Production line efficiency is improved as this technology decreases the operator controls required for case size change over. Finally, material costs are decreased as this new machine does not require foam infill to fill wasted packaging space in cases.

In essence, this new automated packaging machinery could significantly benefit manufacturers in terms of costs and production processes. The new exact case squaring feature allows many advantages when utilised in the packaging process, and could help industries effectively automate their packaging.
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