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Visual surveillance under difficult conditions

The proposed technology is a highly specialised system of optical and television equipment for visual surveillance of commercial installations and assemblies. This special equipment allows the close observation of structures and parts under conditions of radioactivity, extreme temperatures and/or aggressive mediums.
Visual surveillance under difficult conditions
Grounded on the fundamentals of a hard lens endoscope, the integration of optical and television equipment (VCD-2M type) in a surveillance device offers unique capabilities. More specifically, it involves photographing and imaging on TV monitors and the recording of information. In this way, it allows close observation of test units that could easily be stored for future reference.

Nevertheless, this complex structure is more than a simple visual surveillance system. It displays extraordinary features that make it ideal for use in situations where access to the testing environment is difficult. Specifically, it is radiation-proof and water protected and could be easily used under conditions of hard radiation in aerial and aqueous media.

Moreover, it features exceptional temperature stability that renders it suitable for use under high or low temperatures. Being hermetically sealed, it allows use not only in a water environment, but also in aggressive mediums, such as corrosive materials or chemical agents. The equipment contributed to the preventive control performed during a serious incident in a spent fuel reprocessing plant.

This highly specialised technology can also find many applications in the field of visual control of nuclear reactors, in particular RBMK-reactors. The latter are pressurised water reactors with individual fuel channels that use water coolant and graphite moderator. For these reactors, this visual system could provide careful monitoring of internal instruments, process channels surface, details of graphite structure and metal construction.

Furthermore, the surveillance system could be used for investigating the state of fuel assemblies and/or monitoring of technological operation during repair in any type of reactor. The provider offers support services, including quality control and training at the user's facility. Collaborations are sought for joint utilisation and further improvement.
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