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Effective control of oil products-related processes

A Russian research institute developed an ultrasound-based device for the efficient and accurate control of technological processes related to receipt, delivery and storage of oil products. The, so-called IZUR, device is expected to facilitate the work of operating staff by providing cost-efficient, safe and timely process control.
Effective control of oil products-related processes
The patented IZUR device is essentially a gauge for supplying an operating environment of clear oil products and comprises a set of ultrasound transformers located in tank. Employing a cylindrical waveguide and a piezo-radiator, ultrasound pulses are emitted and reflected back at fluid boundaries, including oil product-water or oil product-air. The required traveling time between transmission and reflection of the signal may provide key information on the size of the covered distance. This may eventually lead to the measurement of the oil products level and water level being under oil.

IZUR has been designed for increasingly accurate measurements of the oil products level and the water level being under oil. For this reason, the level transformer includes a standard channel of fixed length that allows precise calibration of the level gauge. This feature may also facilitate operators to accurately estimate and correct errors of the calculated velocity caused by abrupt temperature and density changes in the mediums. Furthermore, the advanced gauge may automatically provide warnings about the filling level and even disconnection of oil products delivery with fuel pump at crucial filling levels.

The device involves key technical features including dust-ignition-proof constructed level gauge, electronic protection against sudden collapse, wide-ranged liquid temperature and liquid density measurements. Furthermore, IZUR is capable of measuring levels of oil products within 150-3000mm and levels of water under oil within 0-150mm. Using one measurement block it may test up to 16 tanks in less that a minute with tanks being even 400m away from the measurement block. A prototype is available for testing and the institute is looking for collaborations for its manufacture.
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