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Children's seatbelt harnesses safety measures

Automobile accidents are tragic and costly. They are especially tragic when they could have been easily avoided. One factor that parents are consistently forced to be aware of when driving is how safely strapped in their children are.
Children's seatbelt harnesses safety measures
Children aged 2-5 are too energetic and too active to enjoy playing games that require them to be absolutely still or silent for too long. Bouncing about on the back seat of a car may be fun for them, for parents driving through loaded traffic lanes, it can be more distraction than they can deal with, putting themselves and others at risk.

Notwithstanding the child being a source of distraction, it makes good sense to safely strap children in with a seatbelt while commuting. At 60km an hour, a child can be thrown forward during a collision with enough force to seriously harm or fatally injure itself. Yet, despite restraints some 10 000 children a year are injured or killed as passengers in road accidents.

KIDSAFE© is a newly designed restraint that enhances child safety. It has innovative features such as tamper proof locking, universal compatibility with 90% of seat belt manufacturers and it is easily installed or removed. Because it requires an adult to undo it, it prevents children from releasing their own restraints, an assurance that current seatbelts cannot offer. This factor alone contributes significantly towards parental assurance and enhanced child safety.

KIDSAFE© is an adaptor for current seat belts for which the developer is seeking license agreements in order to commercialise the product.
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