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Cargo cells

Diseases with lesions that are disseminated throughout the human body, like metastatic cancer or diseases that infect areas difficult to access such as those within the central or peripheral nervous system, demand a difficult treatment process. A French company has patented a very promising method for the treatment of these kinds of diseases.
Cargo cells
There are many diseases that infect the human organs, which are difficult to access such as the nervous system or which can create multiple lesions such cancer with metastasis. Other human dysfunctions have their origins in the lack of basic organic elements produced due to gene deficiency. The treatment of these cases is quite hard since medical measures should be applied exactly to the affected area without harming the health of surrounding tissues.

A French company has introduced a promising method that enables the administration of therapeutic agents exactly and only in the sites that require treatment. Initially, monocytes derived cells (MDC) are processed through a patented technique in order to be able to function as cells that can carry corrective agents. These cells are loaded with chemical or biological molecules, or genetic material in order to transfer them to the site that needs treatment. MDC loaded cells are then injected into the human body and due to their properties are attracted by injured sites due to the fact that those sites release high concentration of chemical factors that attract MDCs.

This method could provide an active treatment towards areas affected by disease such as metastatic tumour cells, general inflammation of joints such as arthritis, or lesions in multiple sclerosis. In addition the above method could be used as a diagnostic tool to locate small lesions, of early metastatic development or undetected sites of cranial trauma or injuries.
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