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SDR: The "6-D" educational experience

Text, shape, image, object, space and light are themes that may, at first glance seem to have nothing in common. Still, all six under the same denominator: SDR: NETWORKING. SDR: NETWORKING presents a new electronic-educational environment that has been created to promote the active participation of the student in the educative process.
SDR: The "6-D" educational experience
The SDR course is both multidisciplinary and participative. It comprises of a pedagogical methodology involving the student in the creation of content and to allow developing their creativity in an interactive and cooperative manner. Students can analyse texts working in collaboration, comment on the work of their peers and continue the work initiated by another student. Furthermore, they establish relationships between exercises and participate in collaborative processes of form generation and space perception.

The course is structured in six themes, whose common denominator is the concept of representation. Each theme has a corresponding environment for the students to carry out their exercises. The exercises are done individually and collaboratively using the SDR: NETWORKING environment.

The same collaborative tactics apply for the text and object themes. Students are asked to analyse texts jointly by means of a semantic network, and collectively participate in the development of a three-dimensional object in successive stages. At a final stage, the work is submitted to the systems database, accessed by Perl 5 scripts. The programmes used are based upon the current DHTML, Java and JavaScript standards.

The success of this new conceptual framework is that it can embrace a variety of disciplines, namely, graphic design, communication, aesthetics, philosophy and computing. The Spanish School of Architecture, La Salle in Barcelona, highlights the project's potential as an essential educational asset. Ultimately, the school is collaborating with software engineers specialised in information management systems. Nevertheless, it seeks for additional European research programmes, joint ventures or private-public partnerships that would be willing to help drive this 6Dimensional educational experience a step further.
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