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The power of liquid energy

Scientists in recent years have been searching for alternative forms of energy to compensate for the shortage of over-used resources (i.e. oil), and thus help preserve the environment. As a result of their efforts, a novel machine called the Hydraulic Energy Transformer has showed increased potential to be used for environmentally friendly energy production.
The power of liquid energy
Hydro turbines present a useful renewable power source alternative for producing green energy. They transform the energy of small streams into precious electricity in a clean way. In this sense, the Hydraulic Energy Transformer uses water or other liquids i.e. naphtha, oil, liquid metal (mercury), molten lead, to exploit gravity for mechanical or other energy purposes.

The new invention comprises of two revolving drums, a series of joint-linked blades and with the aid of hydraulic liquid pressure rotational motion is generated. Common water turbines use and transform kinetic energy of water currents with necessary flowing out of liquid. Conversely, the Hydraulic Energy Transformer, while the liquid moves and causes the turbines to rotate, creates via gravitation current within the reservoir, without letting the liquid flow out, practically recycling the same liquid.

The purpose of the invention is to produce cheap and ecologically pure energy, primarily electric power with the use of an electric generator. These water generators may become an ideal solution for those places where electrical energy is not available from the national grid. They could solve the problem of energy supply in isolated houses, alpine refuges and pastures, missions, small villages and can be used as a portable machine ideally aboard ships where water is abundant.

The advantage of the Hydraulic Energy Transformer is that it presents increased potential for producing power from 1kW to 1000MW and more.

The inventor of this new energy generator welcomes partners or interested parties willing to invest in developing a richer selection of renewable sources of energy and a better quality of life.
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