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High performance industrial static converters

A French team of engineers have designed and patented a device for controlling the electrical, magnetic and/or mechanical properties of electrical energy sources.
High performance industrial static converters
The project comprises of a new method and device for controlling static converters. They were developed for voltage inverters and have successfully been used for modulating the amplitude of pulses and is available in a series of multi-level high-powered numerical / analogue converters.

The operation of static converters can best be described as a sequence of states depending on electrical conditions and control orders. In order to achieve good performance for regulating the velocity and position in variable frequency electrical machines, inverters change a positive charge into a negative one, and vice-versa.

The new design is a multi-cellular structure and because it is modular, it permits it to deliver an improved quality of delivered voltage. This in itself further improves the overall quality when more interleaving cells are included. Examples of the types of commercial applications for high-performance converters are marine craft, vehicles, lap top computers, power tools and household electrical appliances.

Current numerical signal processors are more than capable of performing direct control over the alternating current. Such systems take data from the flux and instantaneous values of the torque itself, they act directly on the inverter and thus the overall quality performance of static conversion is optimised.

Following the success of the initial French patent in 1998, the organisation behind this static converter was granted US patent rights on July 17, 2001. The static converter is currently undergoing further research, and the engineers behind this technology are interested in further development support and/or a licence agreement.
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