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Electrophysical problems may be dynamically resolved

A Ukrainian laboratory has developed an innovative approach of compiling electromechanical analogies and appropriate models that are suitable for accurate calculations in electrophysics and electronics.
Electrophysical problems may be dynamically resolved
The so-called Dynamical Electromechanical Analogy (DEMA) constitutes a robust methodology for effective and precise calculations of physical characteristics in dynamic processes. From elasticity and vibrations to electric filters and circuits, this novel method allows for the simplification of complex systems and their accurate description. This is accomplished with the aid of suitable basic models where analogies of corresponding mechanical and electrical parameters may be easily identified.

This innovation offers accurate calculation of ladder filters that are widely used in electronics, including transceivers, no matter the number of sections these filters might own. Apart from ladder filters the method may be also be used for calculation problems found under several types of loads and with numerous types of the source's interior impedance. In the case of transmission lines with various lengths and heterogeneities inside the line, it is easy to obtain the three dimensional amplitude and phase-frequency characteristics of a line.

The technique is suitable for application in any system involving lines that include distributed and lumped parameters, in particular the lines whose substituents comprise a resonance subsystem. Experimental tests have shown that the calculation diagrams were almost in full accordance with the derived experimental ones. Furthermore, in comparison to other similar techniques used, this method may provide an easier and more detailed analysis of highly complicated model parameters in the most reliable, rapid and effective way. The laboratory is looking for various types of collaborations.
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