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Innovation blast with audible glamour

When Michelangelo created his masterpiece in sculpture, in accordance to the precepts of perfection advancing the cultural standards of his times, he called it David. Reality Media SA has advanced current digital audio applications in similar manner and has called it DAVE.
Innovation blast with audible glamour
With modern society moving into the electronic arena at an ever-greater pace, progress is often made with the conception of innovative applications for old roles. In this regard, Reality Media SA has developed innovative concepts that are bound to make headway.

The development of digital electronic formats such as MP3 has resulted in a plethora of hardware to play them for every conceivable place and situation, from motor vehicles to waiting rooms and mass transit. But wouldn't it be wonderful to have one device that was all-inclusive regardless of location and could store more songs than one could possibly listen to in a week? Reality Media SA presents the Gidi Jukebox, a one-stop-all feature that serves both as a portable MP3 player and may second as an additional hard-drive for one's computer. With storage capacities of 6 to 120Gb the amount of song titles one can now carry with them is, for all intents and purposes - irrelevant. As a stand-alone product, the SBAC® is a sleek, lightweight MP3 player complete with its own power supply and speaker/headphone jack. As a computer peripheral it is compatible with IDE and USB cables/ports.

However, an all inclusive music player is not Reality Media's only contribution to easy listening. On a broader scale, they've advanced personal interaction with several information services. Whenever one visits museums, exhibitions or showrooms, eGUIDE® offers exclusive information delivered personally whenever one needs it. There is an alternative to large guided tours lead by flustered guides with inaudible voices rushing through the exhibits and poorly informative printed brochures. One can now use next generation mobile telephony services combined with multimedia flash-card capabilities. Simply grab a handset, dial in the number of the exhibit you wish to learn more of, and enjoy the information leisurely and privately.

Reality Media's innovation hasn't ended here either. From interactive terminal kiosks with touch screen functionality to applications for hospitals, tourism, transport vehicles and amplifies for personal use, Reality Media SA has media innovations for all. They are currently looking for a number of collaborations.
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