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Catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide

A Cypriot university has developed a catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide. This catalyst not only has excellent catalytic characteristics but also has reduced production cost and its overall performance is completely environmentally friendly.
Catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide
Pollution is synonymous with modern societies, with its technological advancements and industrial concerns. Because many of these are essential services, it is diffult, if not impossible, to be fully curtailed. Any attempt to reduce polluting activities, has proven to be extremely difficult. Currently the only feasible solution appears to be the modification of these poluting activities in a way that will produce less pollutants.

A Cypriot university research team working in this direction developed a new catalyst that on the one hand reduces nitric oxide (NO) produced by industrial or domestic sources and on the other hand uses an environmental friendly technology as well. The catalyst is platinum based, operates in the presence of excess oxygen, water and/or sulphur dioxide (SO2) and uses hydrogen (H2) as a reducing agent. The catalyst has excellent catalytic characteristics as regards to nitric oxide such as activity, selectivity and stability. Moreover it operates perfectly in a spectrum of temperatures ranging from 100 to 400ºC. This is the widest operating range for this kind of reaction available today. Finally, the catalysts production cost is expexcted to be very small because it contains smaller ammount of platinum than other platinum catalysts.

This novel catalyst has significant advantages compared to the existing methods that use ammonia. It is not toxic and can be manipulated far easier. In addition the final products of the chemical reaction do not contain carbon compounds and hence they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.
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