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Novel platform technology for pharmaceuticals

A German innovation involves the development of novel bio-molecules capable of modulating the human redox enzymes that are responsible for controlling several diseases.
Novel platform technology for pharmaceuticals
Human redox enzymes have been considered important in many biochemical cellular processes including apoptosis, immunomodulation, and cellular differentiation. Therefore, they play a significant role in various diseases such as cancer, wound healing, aging, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

Recently an extremely small group of molecules has been identified to control the cellular redox potential. The biomedical oligopeptides (mediPEP) constitute a new class of substances and for this reason they could be employed as a lead for new drugs that activate or inhibit human redox enzymes.

The innovative mediPEP are capable of affecting specific receptors for the redox enzymes found on the cellular surface. They have the potential for efficient drug delivery, as secretion of the targeted enzymes in the blood, takes place in pathological cases.

These biomolecules may be easily and cost-efficiently produced either synthetically or by using recombinant techniques. This platform technology may be used for redox regulation in a wide range of biotechnological, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. License agreements are sought offering opportunities for analysis of the mediPEP and possibly a further co-development.
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