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Multiple monitoring application

Contour recognition is an important facet in many industrial requirements in order to ensure product quality, safety standards and optimal performance values. A German SME now offers a new robust system for contour recognition that can be integrated into current systems.
Multiple monitoring application
Monitoring and analysis systems used in current detection arrangements often discover artefacts and flaws. However, many such systems encounter difficulties in this regard especially if and when surfaces are irregular or are covered by overlaying objects. Furthermore, rotations and scaling often provided additional difficulties to the process, increasing the potential margin of error.

The German contour recognition system is especially designed to focus on these problematic areas, the prototype is capable of recognising several overlaying areas or objects and remains both rotation and scaling-tolerant.

The development is software based and is engineered to work with cameras. In the two-stage process, contours are first segmented then extracted. The second stage compares either parts of or the entire object to the contour lines extracted. Due to the ability to set monitoring parameters, the recognition process is optimised, resulting in cost and time reductions.

This solution also carries with it the advantages of versatility in application areas and the potential to be cost-effectively integrated with other systems. As such, it should provide a valuable addition to all industries that require contour monitoring such as manufacturing and quality control systems. Currently a prototype exists and is available for testing.
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