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Visualisation of timed data becomes faster and simpler

A new robust software makes presentation of any timed data extremely user friendly and rapid, as it only requires very few mouse clicks and, thus, saves time for analysis.
Visualisation of timed data becomes faster and simpler
The innovative software was originally developed by a French technical centre in collaboration with a Belgian company aiming to speed up telemetry processing time. Telemetry data coming from satellite and terrestrial systems require rapid analysis in order to make sense of satellite behaviour especially in the event of onboard problems where quick decision-making is needed. The tool has already been used in satellite assembly and integration tests, as well as, in control centres for rehearsal, launch and beyond.

The software can import any tabulation-separated file in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format, generated by measuring instruments or simulators. The input is Excel®-compatible allowing calculation and visualisation of data with this software. The file header needs two lines: one for the names of the variables stored inside the data file and one for the listing of the relevant units. The user then just adds the numeric or string values and uses only drop menus, toolbars and property dialogs. Graphic generation is also initiated automatically through a command line.

Unlike other conventionally used software tools, such as Excel®, this software allows manipulation of data coming from several different files. This is mainly because it features its own time base with independent time axes that can be synchronised or aligned individually. This novelty offers the potential to make comparisons of simulation data with measured data that are e.g. seconds-based and dated respectively. Other similar software packages involve one time base for all data that are displayed only on one axis.

Another important innovative feature of the tool is that it allows the display of both numerical and string values. For instance, status values such as on, off, stand-by along with analogical parameters can be presented on the same graph to the right scale. Additionally, zooming/synchronising facilities have been also enhanced. The software is available for distribution for all application sectors and a partner is sought for commercialisation and training.
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