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More effective telecommunications under temperature variations

A new patented French technology of toroid phase shifter that can operate reliably under varying temperature conditions is suitable for beam scanning antennas, radars and telecommunications devices.
More effective telecommunications under temperature variations
Phase shifters are used to adjust transmission phase in a system by altering the insertion phase of a signal in response to an external command, such as voltage. Ferrite phase shifters created by single or double toroids are very popular devices since they offer many advantages. These include a miniature compact structure, low insertion losses and consumption of the pulsed command. Additionally, they feature a remanent operating mode, fast switching, high efficiency of phase shifting and low dispersion in relation to frequency.

Yet, their key disadvantage lies in their temperature behaviour, which concerns phase shift drifts with temperature variations. This is particularly important in their use in radar and telecommunication applications, where a typical temperature range is between -20°C and +80°C. Addressing this need the newly developed ferrite toroid phase shifter shows a phase shift that is relatively insensitive to temperature variation from -20°C to +80°C. This occurs for a specific value of the command energy, while the phase shifter works in the remanent operating mode.

Hence, the technology is designed to have an independent temperature behaviour under specific control by a determined value of energy. Additionally, two phase shifters arranged in a series could also be combined in order to provide control with different values of energy. Thereby, the working zone of the first allows a phase shift decrease with temperature, while the working zone of the second leads to a phase shift increase with temperature. In this case, the two phase gradients counter balance resulting into an efficient and reliable control of the device.

The technology has been tested and its performance and accuracy over usual temperature ranges has been well proven. Moreover, it is easy to implement in existing hardware resulting to more simplified designs in comparison to other temperature compensation devices for ferrite phase shifters. This breakthrough development can find very useful applications in the field of telecommunication antennas and radars, variable power dividers, circulators and beam scanning applications. An electronic devices manufacturer is sought for exploration of the market potential of the technology, its further development, and its adaptation of the technology to specific needs.
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