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Antenna maintenance made easier

An innovative relay antenna mast for cellular radio telecommunication systems may significantly facilitate maintenance activities.
Antenna maintenance made easier
Due to reception requirements relay antenna masts are normally located at significant heights, where maintenance is risky for technicians. As they need to climb on the top of the masts to work on the antennas, falling becomes a serious danger. Answering this need a French invention considerably facilitates antenna maintenance by offering a secured folding mast. Being inclined, it allows technicians to work from the base of the mast without risk.

The innovative secured folding mast includes a mast stand, a pivoting arm that carries minimum one antenna and means for locking the arm in a high position. Inclination of the arm can be only achieved through disengagement of the locking part, offering the possibility for technicians to work from its base. There are no requirements for steps or anchor points for climbing up the mast, with key equipment for maintenance only needed.

The invention is a patented product under license that was nominated for the 2002 Siemens Grand Prize for Innovation. It features simplicity, light structure, small dimensions and improved aesthetics. It is capable of supporting either three antennas at 120˚ interval or two antennas at 180˚ for outdoor installation. Additionally, there is no beacon, only one contact point of waterproof and a safe cable structure. During both installation and maintenance, human intervention and required time are kept to the minimum, which reduces costs significantly. Further collaborations are sought for licence, marketing and/or manufacturing agreements.
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