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New generation of transportation of people

A new generation of intelligent and modular electric vehicles has been developed that makes transportation of people more flexible in urban settings.
New generation of transportation of people
ROBOSOFT has a long experience in embedded control systems and offers advanced solutions of mobile robotics for increased flexibility in transportation of people. Two of its key technologies are the robuCAB and the robuRIDE that involve automatic vehicles for transportation of people over short distances in taxi and shuttle modes respectively. These solutions offer dramatic reduction of exploitation costs, while improving the quality of the service delivered by transport companies or public sites.

The robuCAB vehicles allow people to move in an individual-on-demand or simply "taxi-type" transportation mode. Thereby, a traveller can log-on on a WAP or i-mode terminal for instance, and provide identification, location, the demanded arrival time at a specific destination and its location. The system notifies about the time and the location of a robuCAB vehicle expecting the traveller. Once arrived, the traveller can get in the vehicle, provide identification and be comfortably and safely transported to the specific destination on time. Additional information on the destination can also be derived through colour LCD touch screen on-board.

On the other hand, the robuRIDE product line offers pre-programmed multi-person or "shuttle-type" transportation. This collective mode of transportation with fixed routes and schedules allows a group of people to travel and interact with a historic or culture show or a guided visit. Both modes of transportation are suitable for all types of restricted areas hosting a lot of people who need to travel relatively short distances either indoors or outdoors. Such areas may be industrial sites, university campuses, resorts, cultural and amusements parks, as well as city centres.

RobuCAB and robuRIDE are modular in their design and can be customised upon request in terms of dimensions, number of passengers, motor power and speed, as well as, weather protection. In an effort to accelerate the time-to-market of this business opportunity, further collaborations are sought for experimental and real demonstrations in pilot sites. Additionally, ROBOSOFT is also looking for mass-production and worldwide commercialisation of this innovative technology.

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