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Sitting comfortably at work

A new office chair has been designed which enables the natural change of posture during long sitting hours sans back and wrist pain.
Sitting comfortably at work
The best way to avoid back pain from sitting for long hours in an office chair is to continuously change posture. The problem is that when a person reclines in a chair, the hands will also naturally move further away from the mouse and keyboard, which leads to additional strain. Therefore, the best solution for obtaining back-movement while still keeping items within reach is to have a seat that moves forward.

Having the seat slightly forward and proportionate to the angle of the back helps to keep the hands in more or less the same position avoid unnecessary strain. This is achieved by simply adding an extendable chair leg that is situated between the user's feet and helps to keep the base of the chair from turning. When the user changes posture to a vertical back position a freewheel and pull-back spring combination can automatically resume the seat to the normal position. This also helps to keep the chair from tipping over. In addition, an innovative footrest with adjustable leg and foot resting height that can supplement the chair well has been designed.

With such office appliances making their way into the workplace, companies could aid in promoting spinal column health and reduce back strain, making a long workday more pleasant.
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