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Monitoring presence of bacterial contaminants in food

Food safety is an extremely important aspect of food processing. Developing the necessary technology to effectively monitor food products for contaminants is the priority of many research laboratories worldwide.
Monitoring presence of bacterial contaminants in food
An Israeli SME has developed a novel testing product for the detection of bacterial contamination in food products. The approach is fully automated and is based on the principle that cellular growth is accompanied by specific electrical changes in the growth medium. Given that there is no need to monitor bacterial growth in laboratory conditions over one or two days, the total testing time is less than six hours.

Microorganisms breakdown molecules found in their growth medium to smaller components, which carry a greater electrical charge. This change can now be detected through an Equivalent Circuit Analysis, which forms part of this innovative technology. The short waiting time renders this approach particularly attractive for applications where rapid tests are required.

This new product can be used for testing in sterile conditions and identify line sterility failures early on and efficiently. The developers are looking for industrial partners to further optimise the technology, and to manufacture and market the final product.
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