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Cost-efficient pneumatic conveyance of raw materials

A novel Israeli solution allows transference of raw materials to remote locations via pneumatic conveyance in the most cost-efficient and energy saving way.
Cost-efficient pneumatic conveyance of raw materials
Conveyance of raw materials such as powders and grains is currently followed by significant consumption of energy due to great air pressure losses. Additionally, the required construction and infrastructure is normally massive with a pre-defined capacity (ton/hour), difficult to be modified.

Challenged by these problems, this offering involves an innovative sender gate structure with several technical additions in order to maximise meantime between failures. The gate displays a high performance of more than a million operations even in the most abrasive surroundings, such as cement.

The solution is appropriate for any industrial unit with high requirements on huge and constant supply and transfer of porous materials to remote locations. The technology employs high pressures for becoming effective in the required air capacity. Additionally, it enables working under high temperatures as those found in chemical industries and power stations.

Energy losses are kept to the minimum because of the hermetical sealing of the gate. Unlike other currently used systems such as the rotary feeder sender energy savings can come up to 35-55%. Both the gate with the pressurised tank involve a small and compact system that keeps costs for construction and excavation works at minimum. In comparison to other available sender/launcher systems, this innovation is less expensive.

Offering a wide and dynamic range of conveying capabilities, it is tolerant to abrasive materials and can be easily undergo maintenance procedures. Aided by proprietary contemporary modular controller, optional control of the system is feasible. Due to sender compactness, high pressure used and high cycle rate the complete system features an increased cost-efficiency. Additionally, the use of high pressure for conveyance allows significant reductions in the size/diameter of the system.

Industrial partners including manufacturers of components/systems and/or contractors/designers/distributors of components/systems for conveyance of raw materials are sought for further collaborations. The innovative gate for pneumatic conveying sender is offered for manufacturing, design and implementation of new conveying lines and for upgrading existing problematic conveying sites.
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