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Locking in maximum security

An electrically operated mortice lock that can be fitted to any door with a standard mortice lock has been designed.
Locking in maximum security
The system developed by a South East England based company has integrated a European standard high-security lock that can prevent unauthorised access. However, it has the ability to be manually overridden with an ordinary key. The lock is designed to be suitable for any door can that has a standard mortice lock and can throw or withdraw a 20mm deadbolt.

This lock can be included in a larger electrically operated locking system for a whole building allowing central locking and unlocking of doors throughout the building. The design of the lock meets the European standard requirements. Best of all, in the event of a power failure, security will not be compromised. This is because the electrical operation of the lock will be disabled but manual key operation will not be affected. Furthermore, tampering and vandalism, which commonly happens in usual conventional door control systems, is highly unlikely since the electronics are safely stored inside the lock case. The system would be suitable for any building.
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