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Input data for winning the game

Based on ultrasound technology, a new wireless measurement system offers accurate measurements of speeds, accelerations and distances of players participating in any sport event.
Input data for winning the game
By transmitting sequences of ultrasound pulses from various stable points in a playing area, the newly developed system can provide measurements for a complete group of sportsmen. Aided by the acoustic propagation speed, the required time for signal to travel between the stable points and the athletes can provide the distances covered between each athlete and the receptor.

The receptor system uses using trigonometric calculations for deriving spatial locations, which is useful feedback for analysing the sport event. Unlike most GPS systems that are currently used, this innovative system is cheaper and more accurate. Most importantly, it can allow detection in both closed and open-air sport field areas during the sport activity at regular intervals and it is wireless.

The wireless system does not rely on the time consuming and complicated filming or digitalisation of photograms. Moreover, the measurement system offers immediate results that can be further analysed in terms of consequences from each player performance. This constitutes valuable data for drawing up techniques and tactics to win sport-competition activities.

Industrial partners interested in integrating this technology into their process or the adaptation and optimisation of formulations for customised applications are sought. The innovative technology is offered for licence agreement or technical co-operation making it suitable for a new application or sector and/or meet new or current market needs. Other types of collaboration may be also explored.
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