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Marrying database technology and programming

A special computer language for data-oriented programming has been developed that brings together database technology and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) application philosophy.
Marrying database technology and programming
The innovative programming language involves an effective combination of the procedural and object-oriented abilities of the conventional languages with the set-oriented features of SQL. SQL is an industry-standard language for creating, updating and querying relational database management systems. In analogy to SQL's set-oriented methods, the user is to operate on relational structures and to rapidly execute queries and complicated joins.

Moreover, the "u" language offers increased capabilities of writing interrelated code pieces, similarly to C++/Java, which, in form of functions, can be used in top-level requests and by other functions. By successfully combining programming and SQL features, the new language allows homogenous programming and development of complete applications. The latter are comparable to SQL tables and are available even after shutdown or restart of the system.

Most of the "state-of-the-art" products are normally implemented as a two-tier system on the basis of a robust SQL database and a Java-2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) server. Unlike these products, this innovation doesn't require any communication, additional hardware-resources or synchronisation overhead. Additionally, the "u" environment offers efficient implementation of functions by using a single-core platform without any unnecessary performance losses and excessive memory consumption. Hence, it shows a 10-15 times faster performance when executing data updates.

The homogenous language is both relational and object-oriented and features suitable control structures in a natural way to obtain procedural power with a compact and laconic, yet not cryptic syntax . Therefore, it is capable of providing descriptions of very complex data models. The first implementation of the language and its runtime environment "U4" was shown to be a powerful, flexible and high performance information system. A joint venture agreement is sought a software company interested in co-developing a marketable product and participating in its results.
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