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Making gentler fragrances and cosmetics

A new non-irritating, water-based solubilisation agent for fragrance and cosmetic products has been developed.
Making gentler fragrances and cosmetics
Essential oils are widely used commodities in the fragrance and cosmetic industries. They are concentrated, hydrophobic liquids which contain strong aromatic compounds derived from plants and thus usually have the distinguishing odour or flavour of the plant from which they are extracted. The problem with essential oil products is that they usually contain alcohol as the solvent. Alcohol can have harmful effects on cell tissues such as drying and postponed healing.

Therefore, an Israeli SME has produced a new water-based nanotechnology that alters the physical attributes of water through the use of nanoparticles which permit water-based biomaterials to be introduced. This novel method is safe and does not irritate the skin. It is also a non-volatile agent which can maintain the fragrance for a longer period. Another of its many major advantages is that it is environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, this technology can considerably facilitate superior water-based biocatalysts, solvents, reagents, media enhancers, and buffers to enhance the efficiency of new and existing products and processes. Partners are sought to integrate the technology into current and future fragrance and cosmetic applications and products.
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