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Aiming for high quality optical fibres

An Israeli SME realised a novel breakthrough technology and advanced process tools that offer an all-in-one, complete solution for the optical fibre manufacturing industries.
Aiming for high quality optical fibres
Optical fibres are ultra-thin glass or plastic structures that are primarily used for information communication as they may transfer large amounts of data very rapidly over long distances. Until recently, the manufacture of optical fibres relied on the use of very expensive technology, such as repeaters and amplifiers.

Answering this need the Israeli SME developed new technology for manufacturing a cutting edge process tool that can provide enormous information in the most cost-efficient and rapid way. The manufactured optical fibres are of premium quality, which has direct effects on the total costs of the telecom infrastructure companies.

The newly developed process tools for fibre manufacture include novel technology for Modified Chemical Vapour Disposition (MCVD), Outside Vapour Disposition (OVD), consolidation and drawing tower. The cutting edge process tools can be employed for realising Single Mode Fibres (SMFs), Multi-Mode Fibres (MMFs) and specialty fibres.

The advanced process tools constitute a complete solution for fibre manufacture resulting in an increased efficiency of the electronic units. In comparison to traditional methods, the quality of the manufactured fibres is shown to be improved by thirty to fifty percent, while production costs and time are kept to the minimum.

The novel technology meets the requirements of high safety standards set for the process and the tools as well as support systems used for gas and chemicals delivery systems. Based on breakthrough concepts, such as realising the ultra high purity processing objective, process parameters can be more easily controlled and improved design process approaches can be adopted.

Industrial partners in the field of fibre manufacture are sought for further collaborations, such as joint venture or licence agreements. The interested partners are expected to get involved in the technology testing for new applications and its adaptation to specific needs.
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