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Improving dental visits via 3D mapping

An intra-oral camera that can map a patient's mouth via a 3D mapping technology has been developed.
Improving dental visits via 3D mapping
Most conventional dentist techniques are still not automated and thus quite dated. As a result, a vast amount of dentist's time is spent measuring a patient's teeth, oral tissues and prostheses. Impressions of the patient's teeth and bordering tissues are taken through the use of putty-like substances.

These traditional procedures require costly dental materials and use of a great deal of the dentist's time. Furthermore techniques required for prostheses and orthodontic devices rely on laboratory technicians. Consequently, this may result in expensive, inaccurate and inadequate outcomes. Another disadvantage is that patients are compelled to go through numerous temporary fittings while experiencing discomfort throughout complex multiple procedures and recurrent, extended dental visits.

In this light, a comprehensive technique using intra-oral 3D precision mapping of teeth and bordering tissues in real time has been developed as a means to significantly improve dental procedures. This is made possible through an established intra-oral fixed global registration position within the patient's oral cavity. It enables real-time measurements and images to be acquired and featured in multiple fields of view while set at various locations.

A company interested in the development and use of the equipment is sought.
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