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High cycle standards for Europe

Cycling is good for health and the environment and should be encouraged by the local authority. Exactly how is another matter but an EU-funded project has become the acknowledged quality standard, helping Europe to become a cleaner, fitter, quieter continent.
High cycle standards for Europe
In the face of rising pollution from fossil fuels and an increase in many countries in cardiovascular disease and diabetes, 'four wheels bad, two wheels good' seems to be an appropriate motto. When municipalities decide to implement this philosophy, they can contact the 'Bicycle policy audit' (BYPAD) project for a guaranteed source of advice.

BYPAD's credentials could not be more impressive. Established some 10 years ago, it has evolved with the increase in use of bicycles in European cities. Basically, it evaluates local and regional cycling policy and the improvement of its quality.

In its last guise, Bypad platform, the aim was to enlarge the Bypad network to an expanding Europe to all regions, not only urban areas and cities. For this purpose, project partners adapted the Bypad method of auditing. New auditors have also been recruited and trained specially.

Bypad tailors its tools to fit the customer. Manuals and questionnaires have been developed for small- and medium-sized towns as well as regions. No less than 17 languages are catered for in 21 EU countries.

Web-based services are extensive, interactive and are linked with other sites with Europe's health in mind. An online tool makes it possible to fill in the Bypad questionnaire online. Europe's main portal on mobility, European Local Transport Information Service (ELTIS) is fed good practice cycle tips by the BYPAD database.

The hard copy and spoken word have not been neglected either. Articles, conferences and interviews make sure valuable information on good cycling is distributed. There is also a publication, 'Cycling the European Approach' which gives the lowdown on the history of Bypad.

The high standards and holistic approach make BYPAD the natural choice for any organisation needing help with its cycling policy. Little wonder then it's become the European quality standard for cycling policy.
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