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Advanced guidance for pilots and controllers

Advancements in surface movement guidance and control systems are providing streamlined efficiency and safety for the future of European air transport management.
Advanced guidance for pilots and controllers
At a time of sustainable growth and a global world economy, the movement of people and products is a fundamental component of European society. Air transport and aeronautics have been described as 'key assets for the future of Europe' according to 'Vision 2020' goals. In order for Europe to keep up with society's needs and come out the winner in global leadership, ambitious goals need to be met.

What is needed is an air transport system capable of handling a tripled traffic demand with higher safety standards, significantly reduced cost and near perfect marks for punctuality and environmental impact. This tall order was the scope of the EU-funded project EMMA2, a major contributor to research and development for 'Vision 2020' goals.

EMMA2's main aim was to consolidate functions of 'Advanced surface movement guidance and control system' (A-SMGCS) to increase the harmony between different levels of ground movement tools and procedures. Functions to be developed as prototypes included routing and planning, guidance and information management.

The advanced concept for A-SMGCS levels 1 & 2 has been validated and verified at airports in Milan, Prague and Toulouse. The trials involved pilots and air traffic controllers who gave valuable feedback. Results will be of use in generating feedback from international organisations participating in the organisation and application of A-SMGCS.

The results of the test phase will be useful for implementing standards related to common operational procedures, technical and operational system performance, safety requirements and interoperability standards. EMMA2 brought together all stakeholders in an integrated air-ground holistic approach and will no doubt serve to strengthen Europe's position in the air traffic management industry.

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