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RUSTREC — Wynik w skrócie

Project ID: 12012
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-INCO
Kraj: Italy

Russia's ambitious green scheme

By helping the Russian Federation create a green energy scheme for producing and sharing renewable resources, the EU is encouraging much of Asia to produce more efficient energy solutions.
Russia's ambitious green scheme
Renewable energy is the future, whether it comes from solar power, biodiesel or wind. The sizeable Russian Federation is a very diverse country extending over a large part of Asia. Its varied climates and natural resources offer a cornucopia of possibilities with respect to renewable energy resources (RES).

the EU-funded project 'Renewable energy certificates as instrument to monitor and stimulate RE development in Russia' ( RusTREC) has been important in promoting alternative energy in the country. It contributed to elaborating a sophisticated green certification system, spurred by the country's successful participation in several of the EU's Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) initiatives.

The EU stands to gain from this project as dependence among different regions of the world on energy will decrease. RusTREC will also support the environment and sustainable development. In the meantime, cooperation and exchange of expertise between the EU and Russia will also benefit from the project.

important benefits are set to emerge from RusTREC. For example, monitoring of green energy production will become easier, supporting decision makers and the market in many ways. The green certificates will also help authorities encourage renewable energy by using the scheme for incentives and directives. All this will enable Russia to exploit renewable energy more effectively.

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