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RABRE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 13043
Country: Belgium

Better resources and funding for brain research

In Europe, the burden of brain diseases totals 35 % of the burden of all diseases. Can increased funding for improved research in this area alleviate this burden?
Better resources and funding for brain research
The 'Resource allocation to brain research in Europe' (RABRE) project studied the resources available for funding brain research in Europe, assessing the potential benefits and costs related to enhanced future efforts in neuroscience and brain research in Europe. The EU-funded project analysed private and public funding of brain research in Europe, and categorised funding sources according to function or disease target. Team members conducted a cross-country comparison of results, and then compared these with results for international leaders in brain research.

RABRE provided an exclusive analysis of European brain research funding as well as a plan highlighting cost-effective areas for improved research activities. This was accomplished using results of a study that investigated the cost of brain disorders and by extending analyses to other assessment methods.

The first pan-European study to compare results on research funding with the cost of brain disorders, RABRE used economics and health economics analytical assessment methods. A major outcome was the detailing of how resources could provide insights into ways to more cost-efficiently allocate research funding.

Project activities and results offered small enterprise participants an opportunity to extend their experience and competence in the field of health economics as well as in the economics of research funding. Partners also brought together doctors, economists, basic scientists, patients and industry to formulate feasible future research policies based on the strength of project results

In this way, barriers between various stakeholders were broken down and a better understanding of the importance of new treatments for brain diseases was achieved. Results have the potential to increase European competitiveness in the field by stimulating interest in brain research and increasing the focus on efficient funding.

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