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Project ID: 19864
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Greece

Microgrids for enhanced energy supply

Microgrids are novel distribution systems that can reduce emissions, improve power quality, and lower costs for thermal and electricity supply. An EU-funded project has offered viable microgrid solutions to help us better meet related energy needs.
Microgrids for enhanced energy supply
The 'Advanced architectures and control concepts for more microgrids' (More microgrids) project sought to build on prior research focused on the operation of a single microgrid that had demonstrated the feasibility of operation through laboratory experiments. More microgrids aimed to increase the penetration of microgeneration in electrical networks by exploiting and extending the microgrids concept.

The project achieved a great deal thanks to the in-depth investigation of new micro source, storage and load controllers for providing efficient microgrid operations. Alternative control strategies and network designs were developed, and advances made in the technical and commercial integration of multi-microgrids. Technical and commercial protocols and hardware were standardised and partners conducted field trials of alternative control and management strategies.

More microgrids successes stand to greatly impact power system operations as well as the development of electricity network infrastructures. Scientific and technical work accomplished has the potential to drive the development of new hardware prototypes, models, algorithms and processes.

All relevant information was shared among project partners and actively disseminated at workshops, symposia and energy-related conferences as well as other events.

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