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Use of foreign gene promoters in transgenic animals

Regulatory sequence from several rabbit milk protein genes have been identified. One of them, from the WAP gene (whey acidic protein) is highly efficient to direct the expression of foreign genes in the mammary gland. The rabbit WAP gene promotor has been patented. Several recombinant proteins of pharmaceutical interest have been produced in the milk of transgenic mice and rabbits (human and bovine growth hormones, EC superoxide dismutase, erythropoietin) some of them at a high level. Several litres of rabbit milk have been collected for some of the proteins. Vectors optimized for the expression of foreign genes in the mammary gland are prepared. Transgenic rabbits used as models in biomedical studies have been obtained (AIDS, atherosclerosis) and others are being prepared. In addition methods to obtain transgenic trout have been defined and promotors working in fish cells have been determened.

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Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
Bâtiment des Biotechnologies
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