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TURBOWASH — Result In Brief

Project ID: 16757
Funded under: FP6-SME

Cleaning up building waste

An EU-funded project developed a fast and efficient water treatment system that reduced water usage and the need for chemical coagulants.
Cleaning up building waste
Contaminated building waste can be a serious environmental problem. Recovering construction and demolition waste (C&DW) can reduce pressure on landfill space and the cost of extracting aggregates. The waste material is also a valuable source of top soil and metals. Washing C&DW can triple the value, quality and potential uses of the recovered materials. However, current methods require significant amounts of water and the addition of chemical agents.

The 'Construction and demolition waste washing system with increased mobility through rapid coagulation of turbid water' (Turbowash) initiative used innovative electrocoagulation and separation technology to develop an environment friendly and cost-effective mobile washing system for removing water turbidity. The system provided greater efficiency and reliability by increasing the rate of cleaning and treatment. This removed the need for coagulation chemicals and large volumes of water.

Project partners comprised small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) whose main aim was to reduce the use of harmful chemicals associated with the treatment of C&DW. This was achieved by developing a modular washing system with a 15,000 litre capacity. The system's modular nature allowed further treatment applications to be added. Use of the new system also dramatically cut the amount of vehicle movements on building sites.

Turbowash C&DW wash water and electrocoagulation technology was validated on a pilot basis. Two case studies were used to examine the technology's impact on processed building rubble, soil extraction deposits and roadway demolition residues.

Data from the project led to an increased knowledge of the characteristics and performance of construction waste processing technology. This information and the application of the washing system will help reduce water usage and encourage reuse of waste material, thereby improving the sustainability of the building industry.

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