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Renewable energy around the Mediterranean

Researchers studied the possibilities for strengthening renewable energy in remote regions around the Mediterranean. Project outcomes aim to enable sustainable development and enhanced quality of life.
Renewable energy around the Mediterranean
Alternative energy is progressing and has already dotted Europe in different forms. Isolated communities in North Africa and other Mediterranean nations could benefit significantly from European expertise to create better societies and a higher standard of living.

The EU-funded project 'Cost-effective renewable energy for rural and peri urban areas in the Mediterranean region' (Medres) investigated low-cost renewable energy solutions for villages and rural areas in the southern and eastern Mediterranean. It documented the current situation and identified the solutions that work best for each area, factoring in the level of acceptance of end users. Medres also considered how the technology would help socioeconomic development in these areas.

Supporting alternative methods to provide electricity to isolated communities in the region was seen as a way to reduce the dependence on and transport of costly fossil fuels. This would also contribute to the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and help respect the environment.

The project team closely studied how and where different combinations of wind, energy and photovoltaic systems could be employed. It analysed how energy is consumed in homes and commercial establishments in the region to decide how best to apply alternative systems.

In addition, Medres analysed the impact of providing electricity in these areas by monitoring environmental, social, economic and technical indicators. It combined these results with similar case studies to outline recommendations for implementation.

This information can help policymakers and decision makers adopt new technologies in remote communities and encourage sustainable development. The project established a framework of collaboration to realise renewable energy projects, aimed at both the public and private sectors in the EU and concerned Mediterranean countries. Project results were disseminated through the project's website, science publications, conferences and workshops.

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