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HUBUSKA — Result In Brief

Project ID: 3401
Funded under: FP6-IST
Country: Hungary

E-learning spreads its wings

Supporting European networking centres of research to enhance their e-learning capabilities will enable young EU nations to provide university learning in novel ways.
E-learning spreads its wings
Exchanges among technology institutes and organisations tend to introduce more innovation to the world, spur competition and bring a wealth of new applications that impact society positively. The EU-funded project 'Networking centres of high quality research on knowledge technologies and applications' (Hubuska) encouraged the collaboration of various institutes in knowledge technologies and e-learning across Europe. It organised joint workshops and exchange visits to disseminate research results and best practices on e-learning.

In more specific terms, Hubuska focused on knowledge generation in the field of information society technologies (IST) such as semantic web techniques, data and web mining, multi-agent technologies and embedded intelligence. The project also studied how the latter can be used to integrate web, digital TV and mobile technologies in e-learning. Such actions have strongly supported new EU States in making the transition to a knowledge society.

In 2005 and 2006, three workshops fostered the project's aims and disseminated its results. The workshops helped participants implement e-learning and e-teaching at universities and form networking centres in the field.

Hubuska successfully communicated cutting-edge approaches in knowledge technologies and paved the way for further initiatives to build on its progress in the future. Its efforts have been considered a strong basis for shaping policy in the areas of e-learning and e-teaching, helping to bring new European countries in this respect to the same standards as old Europe.

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